Kendji Girac : be a coach of The Voice Kids him he wanted to be a dad ?

As soon as this Saturday, August 22, Kendji Girac will make his first steps as a coach in the seventh season of The Voice Kids. Surrounded by children, the young singer, he developed his desire for fatherhood ? He confides.

Kendji Girac



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It took that he refuses twice, before launching into the big bath. At only 24 years of age, Kendji Girac is finally ready. For all its success, it will take advice for the young. As soon as this Saturday, August 22, it will, in fact, his first steps as a coach of The Voice Kids, where he succeeds Amel Bent. The singer has the pressure. The competition already promises to be tough. In front of him, he will have three experts at the famous red armchair : Jenifer, Soprano and Patrick Fiori, who handle the art and the way to talk to children and convince them to join their respective team. However, the hunk has more than one trick in his bag. Already because he knows by heart the operation of the télé-crochet de TF1 to be a part of while he was only 17 years old. And above all to be taxed as a grand prize winner of this third edition of the adult version, while only Mika was returned – it did not fail to recall with humor to Jenifer. And then, it is the coach who has the less age difference with the children who rub themselves in the famous singing contest. A way for him to understand more of this they can cross.

Kendji Girac confides about his desire to paternity

But to be so surrounded by little ones all more adorable and talented than the others to him, he gave ideas ? Kendji Girac has it developed its fibre paternal during the filming ? His desire for fatherhood has grown in contact with children ? Nothing is less certain. It is the same, not gained in advance. “Children, I have plenty at home ! A real football team ! “, let go of it in a burst of laughter in the columns of Tv 7 Days on the 17th of August last. The young man rightly considers that it “ have the time, even ” before becoming a dad, to have kids to manage. But what is not in doubt is that he will indeed be father, one day, and even that it will be several. “What is sure is that I will pass on my love of music to all my children, and they will do what they want… “, enthuses-he stars in the eyes, imagining already teach guitar or singing to a gaggle of tots. It lacks more than the woman with whom he will be ready to start a family and give life.