Kevin Guedj Divorce: Cheating, New Revelations, Big Regrets


The Separation of Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj

In September 2022, Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj shocked the public by announcing their breakup, only a few months after their magical wedding in Courchevel and seven years of love. They revealed at the same time that a divorce procedure was underway and that each had hired a lawyer. While waiting to find an arrangement, the two exes share custody of their daughter Ruby (3 years old).

Kevin Guedj Talks about the Divorce

Kevin Guedj has remained reserved since then, but recently, on the occasion of an exchange with his Instagram community, he has accepted to come back on the subject as noted by our colleagues from Télé 2 semaines. When asked when the divorce would be pronounced, the former star of the Marseillais simply replied in English “soon“, meaning “soon”. A little later, Kevin Guedj admitted that it was “very complicated” for him not to see his daughter as much as he would like.

Infidelity and Betrayal

It was rumors of infidelity that shook the couple. Which turned out to be true. It was Carla Moreau who confirmed that she had been cheated on by her husband in an interview with TPMP Focus. “It was a girl who was the wife of his cousin, whom I had known in my house etc. In the end, with hindsight, I tell myself that this girl did me a strange service, even though I can’t even pronounce her first name…”, she explained, implying that it could be Belle, another reality TV candidate who was at the time the girlfriend of Allan Guedj. Very affected by her separation, Carla Moreau also felt a sense of relief. “Indeed I suffer from the mourning I make of him and not having a family life anymore, but on the other hand I feel relieved to no longer live in this toxic relationship and to have left it, because it no longer corresponded to my life,” she added. And continued, categorical: “For me, when you cheat on a person you loved, with whom you share everything, you have children, you are married… It is the worst betrayal“.


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