Kiko Hernandez, Fran Anton Wedding: First Words After Announcement


Surprising Wedding Rumors

This week, Kiko Hernández and Fran Antón have become the center of attention after their alleged wedding came to light. Nobody expected it, not even their program colleagues, that the couple would say “I do” precisely when the two had insisted that they were just friends for months. This Friday, new details about the ceremony have been revealed, such as the place of the celebration or the wedding rings themselves.

Reactions to the News

But one of the things that Kiko Hernández and Fran Antón’s followers were most expecting was a confirmation, some first words before taking the most important step in their relationship. The television star has acted with total normality since the news came out and shared photos and videos of his day to day. He went to buy a chocolate cake, watched a play … everything very normal, apparently. But the reactions that have attracted the most attention have been those of the actor’s entourage. The program has managed to get in touch with Antón’s sister and with Kiko Hernández’s own “new” love. When asked about the wedding, neither of them denied it and, in addition, gave the impression that they were avoiding the subject so that no more expectation was created. Words that suggest that the event could be about to take place.

Motivations of the Couple

As expected, the rumors about the relationship between Fran Antón and Kiko Hernández are generating a lot of rumors and several people have come to the fore who claim that the actor “showed interest” in the other for media exposure. A friend of Fran has told the program that the actor’s work life is very unstable and, for that reason, he felt that he could not find “better security” than being “Kiko Hernández’s husband”.


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