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Kiko Hernandez Wedding: Secret Ceremony Details Revealed

Kiko Hernández and Fran Antón’s Surprise Wedding

Even the most veteran collaborator of the popular Telecinco program would not have believed that, before the imminent cancellation of the space, they would give the information that Kiko Hernández would go through the altar, and also, with a man. “It’s the bomb of bombs,” said the co-presenter, Adela Gónzalez. It was at the beginning of the program last June 8 when David Valldeperas, director of ‘Sálvame’, shared with the team this surprising and cheerful news, revealed by the journalist Miguel Frigenti to the top of ‘La fábrica de la tele’.

The Couple’s Meeting

And his future partner was, no more and no less than Fran Antón, the attractive actor and model with whom he had been linked for almost a year. The couple met during the rehearsals of the theatrical work ‘Distinto’, in which both participated. The news, checked by several sources from Fran’s environment, was expanded with the data of the day and place of the link, in addition to having celebrated their bachelor’s farewell with a Berber party at a hotel in Melilla, Fran’s hometown.

The Wedding Celebrations

According to Alonso Caparrós, the couple was going to get married by civil law last Saturday 10 and would celebrate the celebration of their wedding with their family and friends on Sunday 11 at the Bingo Las Vegas, a local with which Kiko has been collaborating for a long time. Information that did not sit well with some of his colleagues, such as Marta López, devastated for not having been invited to the wedding of her friend: It was not until last March when Kiko took a step further in his statements, when images of the couple in New York were made public. “I will not put a name to anything. Right now I say, and I will always say, that I am a friend of this person and of many people. What if something else arises tomorrow? Something can arise. What if nothing arises tomorrow? Well, nothing arises,” he answered Jorge Javier. “Fran is a jewel. I am very happy,” he added. Well, it seems that, finally, love has arisen.



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