Kiko Matamoros Marta Lopez: Spectacular Wedding Details


Kiko Matamoros and Marta Lopez Alamo Tie the Knot

Kiko Matamoros and Marta Lopez Alamo are now husband and wife! This Friday, the couple have gone to the altar after four years of relationship and one of commitment. Their link was expected to be one of the weddings of the year and they have managed to exceed everyone’s expectations with a very emotional ceremony where every detail has been taken care of to the millimeter.

Preparations for the Big Day

This morning, the television collaborator dedicated some beautiful words to the bride, who throughout the day has shown some photos of how she was preparing. “We all need an accomplice, someone to help us use the heart,” he started, expressing later that “today I culminate with my wedding four years and three months of happiness and absolute complicity with an extraordinary woman. Thank you for coming to my life”

The Ceremony and Aftermath

From 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon, the guests of the ceremony have arrived at the Basilica of San Miguel, in the center of Madrid. Many followers of the couple have also sat in front of the entrance to congratulate them and celebrate this special day with them, which began with Laura Matamoros accompanying her father as the godmother of the wedding. They were the first to leave the Ritz hotel, where they had prepared, and they got into a high-end car that took them to the venue. The influencer has opted for an asymmetrical red dress and has worn a high ponytail to complete the elegant look on her father’s most important day. He and his wife, Marta, chose colorful flowers for the church decoration. A large red carpet has guided their way out after having said “yes, I do”, and at the exit, they have received the affection of theirs with some petals that have thrown them and that they had prepared in some baskets. The two have left together and hand in hand, surrounded by hundreds of cameras and friends, family and other loved ones and followers. “It was very nice and very emotional. I am very happy,” he acknowledged, who also admitted that what he has felt has taken him by surprise: “you always fantasize, but the emotion I felt I did not expect”


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