Killian Nielsen blames the mother, Brigitte: “he always Calls his children? I don’t feel a year”


After the latest declarations released by Brigitte Nielsen in America, who have made quite a stir in Italy, to speak is his son, Killian, who denies everything the mother has said about the relationship with his children. He did speaking in an interview with weekly Diva and Donna.

The silence between Brigitte Nielsen and son, Killian

The american actress had stated in a talk show, about the situation that Italy is experiencing in this difficult time, in a full fight to the coronavirus, that his children tell that every day the dramatic conditions in which they live, with the risk that food and toilet paper will end up from one moment to another. In this regard, it is felt to be called in because her son Killian: “he Has declared that to it to have told his children that he feels every day on the phone. Every day? I do not speak with her for a year. Indeed, from February 2019.”. The reasons for this silence between the mother and the son are to be found in a precise moment in the life of the guy who, in full difficulty, has closed any kind of relationship with Brigiette Nielsen, as he explains lying to the weekly:

I had a very difficult time. A moment that had her in the past. But they failed to understand me, in fact he attacked me and so we argued: it was the last time that I saw and I heard and dates back to a year ago now. Unfortunately, there was a period where I was addicted to alcohol, I admit. I was down in the dumps, maybe I felt alone, and I vented, rifugiandomi in alcohol. I have treated badly, my mother and I said something very harsh. I wrote to you of the messages cruel, and I intimated to not to be never hear nor see: with me had closed forever. She blocked me on WhatsApp and I have never tried. Even when he organized a trip to Mexico with my other brothers and sisters: I have not been invited.

The anger of the Killian

A silence, long and painful, a wound that could be healed, but that instead fails to be healed and, of course, Killian did not hesitate to express his pain and his anger for this connection that is lost: “I’m angry, but I would like a comparison. I think that in a time where people can die if they take this virus, it is in mind to feel how I am. It has not done me the good wishes for my birthday. The 15 last December, I turned 30 years old. Nothing. And even it is made alive at Christmas. But then in the tv goes on to say that she feels the children in Italy each day.”


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