Kim Cattrall Love: Not Like Samantha in Romance.


Kim Cattrall on Relationships

Amid the excitement for her return in And Just Like That… (the follow-up to the series) and the juicy details of what convinced her to slip back into her stilettos for a cameo, Wednesday the actress participated in a live recording of the podcast at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Cattrall, who’s been in a relationship with boyfriend Russell Thomas for seven years, spoke of having a “late sexual awakening.” Now, “despite the difficulties,” she says she’s “working hard” at her relationship, though she did say her personal dynamic with Thomas is “absolutely serene.” “When you meet someone, the work is just beginning, but it’s not a negative work,” she said of the search for love. “It’s a pleasant work. It’s a work that makes sense for your life. So, for me, I look at it less romantically or sensually. I feel like it’s about continuing to work and push and progress and ask and reveal as long as you’re alive.”

Kim Cattrall on Asking for What You Want

One thing the actress does have in common with her notoriously frank character: She’s not afraid to ask for what she wants, in the bedroom or elsewhere. “It means asking for what you want,” she said. “It means showing what you want. Most men have no idea… not of the anatomy, they know that… but what works particularly for you. And most women are too nervous, too anxious, or haven’t done enough research to find out what works for them.”

Kim Cattrall on Sexuality

But here’s what makes us say there’s a bit of her character in her: “Sexuality isn’t just about having children, it’s not just about having orgasms, it’s about expressing something very intimate,” she said.


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