Kim Kardashian blurred with Kourtney : the underside of their huge hassle

In The incredible family Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Kourtney have violently taken the lead, ranging up to come to blows. A hanging traumatic that the wife of Kanye West has unveiled the details on Jimmy Fallon.

We thought the Kardashian inseparable, and yet. In The incredible family Kardashian, a violent argument broke out between Kim and Kourtney. This last did not like that his junior is allowed to tell him that it was not great thing to be involved in their reality, all this in front of camera. If they had already had this discussion, the former Scott Disick is out of its hinges when Kim was given the subject on the carpet : “You act as if I did nothing. Is it that you know everything I do ? If you reparles of it, I’m going to have fun ! Shut your gu**and stop laughing like that. […] And also, if I did not work and that I wanted to be a stay at home mother, it would go very well.” Words who have done everything explode.

Kim Kardashian hurt by Kourtney

In the seconds that followed, Kourtney threw herself on Kim, clawing and striking before the mother of North, San, Chicago, and Psalm does not return the favor. A violence whichattended almost powerless Khloé and Kendall and that Kim has revealed details during an interview in FaceTime for Jimmy Fallon : “She has scratched so hard, you haven’t seen it. I was in blood, she explained. You haven’t really seen the details, but when I looked at my arm, and I saw that she had really scratched and I had the same pain in the back, I wanted to get back at them by hitting it too“. A blood shot – it is the case – which has fortunately led to a reconciliation. The two sisters can, however, take comfort : this sequence, nobody is likely to forget.