Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Divorce: Tantrums, Recriminations & Threats.


The Power Couple

They are called “the American royals”, “the couple that holds the power in Hollywood” and together they create an induced of two billion dollars. It may be true that money doesn’t buy happiness (but not being poor isn’t that great either). That’s why, after the court battle between Johhny Depp and Amber Heard, another celebrity marriage that has crashed in public and with the loss of several zeros in this brand that also includes 4 children is now in the spotlight.

The Divorce Documentary

Kim Kardashian vs Kanye West: the divorce becomes a two-part documentary, on Discovery +, and is especially attractive to those who want to confirm another adage, that even the rich cry. Even if it’s with champagne worth thousands of dollars and imported caviar from France. The first episode – the most detailed and interesting – tells the story of the separation from the rapper’s point of view, the second – with many images and interviews already taken in the first – shows the other side of the coin, starting from when Kim decided to be famous and started to step into the showbuz as an assistant to Paris Hilton. The narration follows various timelines, makes use of experts (lawyers, psychologists, journalists) to comment on the case and uses videos, photos and words posted by the couple on the web. There is no investigative work or real in-depth analysis. At most, the manager of one or the other takes the defense of the contenders.

The Fallout

For two years Kim and Kanye fought to separate but they were the ones talking about it, mostly him who was opposed to the divorce. In some videos Kanye attacks the paparazzi, in others he appears with a black hood over his face and once, with a bulletproof security jacket, he blabbed that for several months he wanted Kim to interrupt the pregnancy. He screams at the top of his lungs and tears while repeating the phrase “I almost killed my daughter” in a loop. His outbursts, partly due to the diagnosis of bipolar disorder, increase after the show wedding in Florence, a show included in the Kardashian family docu-series. Kanye buys a house in front of the ex to be closer to the children, but stops taking the medicine and starts sending delirious messages, first with the candidacy for President of the United States in 2020 and then with anti-Semitic writings on Twitter. According to his legal team he is out of control and the triggering element is the overexposure to which the marriage has brought him. He insults and threatens Pete Davidson (who in the meantime is in rehab for mental health problems), Kim’s new boyfriend, online and gradually finds himself without family, without sponsors and without a lawyer (who didn’t know he was Jewish), although he changes at least five. The story is hectic, has rhythm, driven by dramatic notes on the rapper’s phrases that range from “I’m not crazy, but I can become if provoked” to “I had moments when I think everyone wants to kill me”.


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