Kim Rossi Stuart and Ilaria Spada parents bis, was born the second child in a few months from the wedding

Great joy for Kim Rossi Stuart and Ilaria Spada, who became parents for the second time. The couple, who already has a son named Hector, he was united in marriage in march 2019. To anticipate the news is the weekly Who, while the two actors, extremely discreet about their private lives, have not made official announcements. Last July 20, the Sword published on Instagram, a picture of the bump, with the inscription: “I count the days..the clouds ..and I’ll wait”. For the moment, do not know neither the sex nor the name of the newborn.

A love story born thanks to Caterina Balivo

The baby arrives in seven years from the birth of the first son, Ettore. The one between Kim Rossi Stuart and Ilaria Spada is a love story and romantic experience, lived away from the limelight except for the red carpet paths in the pair. The actor of “Romanzo criminale” and the colleague, in “God help us” and “Immature – The series”, they met thanks to a mutual friend Caterina Balivo, at the home of the latter in 2011. “We met in the storage room of the house of the Bailiff”, he told the Sword, “I have to laugh because Catherine gets very upset when I call it. In fact, there was a room where they left their coats. I went to leave my and he was there with the husband of Catherine chatting and drinking wine. I looked it up and I said, ‘Ah! I join’. There are more stand up”.

The wedding march 2019

A few months after the beginning of their relationship, the Sword was announced to be pregnant for the first time. It took 8 years of living together, before the couple decided to giurarsi eternal love on the altar. They were married at the beginning of march in the franciscan sanctuary of Fonte Colombo, in the presence of friends and closest family members. And the inevitable “galeotta” Caterina Balivo.