Koh-Lanta 2020 : Claudia, forced to leave because of an injury !

This Friday, 21 February, TF1 gave the kick-off to the new season of Koh-Lanta. No luck for Claudia, just one day after the beginning of the adventure, she twisted the ankle. An injury that has forced her to give up.

A small tour and then goes away. This is a real blow to Claudia. While this Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes, barely begun, behold the young woman is forced to make the trip in the opposite direction. In question ? Injury. At 21 years old, this young traveller wanted to put themselves at the service of his team, going to fetch water. An act rather simple in appearance. Except that nothing happened as expected. And for good reason, Claudia twisted the ankle. It doesn’t matter. The young woman wishes to spend in addition to the injury, and continue the adventure. As it has been able to count on the precious help of Pholien. The former swimmer of high level is physio-osteopath, and has therefore attempted to bring him the first aid. This will unfortunately not enough for Claudia.

An adventure illuminates for Claudia

She does not want to leave. Not due to injury, so stupid. And even less so that she is accustomed to travel. From the adventure, it is almost his daily life. So why now, asks she, visibly dépitée deal with this situation. But Claudia knows she has no other choice than to prevent the doctor of Koh-Lanta. So much so that the pain is striking. Finally, it is the next day that the verdict is in. Just before the immunity challenge. This is Denis Brogniart, who was responsible for telling him the bad news. In front of all the adventurers. If Claudia tries to keep up the smile, the disappointment was no less intense. It is an abandoned medical which it would have gone well. The adventure of Claudia in Koh-Lanta only lasted a day.