Koh-Lanta 2020 : TF1 unveils the official date of the grand final

There it is ! We know the official date of the final of Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes. Viewers have only a few weeks to wait before the announcement of the grand winner of the adventure game of TF1. The countdown has begun !

The new season of Koh-Lanta has been that of all the many twists and turns. Between the fire goes out by Joseph, the betrayals, or even the eliminations surprises, viewers have not ceased to jump out of their sofas. And this was without counting on the containment which has upset all the productions of the emissions. In an effort to retain the traditional final live episodes of the adventure game have been cut in two. A sacrilege to the faithful of the program, but a necessity for the first string, which wanted to win as much time as possible in the hope of being able to bring all of the candidates to announce the grand prize winner.

A final highly awaited

“The final match will be without audience, or the confetti, or the candidates who are kissing each other. It keeps the hope of having the adventurers plateau, Paris, in respect of actions barrier. If it could be the feast of the déconfinement, this would be a nice victory against the virus”, explained Denis Brogniart in the columns of Paris, the 8th of may last. So when will the long-awaited final of Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes ? In an official statement, the French tv channel TF1 announced that it will be held on Friday, June 5 from 21h05. After the famous trial of poles fought by the last three candidates of the adventure, only two of them will be subject to the votes from the final jury, made up of former participants. The spectators will then Denis Brogniart live to find out the name of the grand winner. A thriller that promises to be untenable for many viewers. Remains to be seen whether one of the five heroes will manage to get a place at the top. Nothing is less sure.