Koh-Lanta 2020 : that is Eric, the rally driver of the adventure ?


Eric, aged 56, is one of 14 new adventurers of Koh-Lanta. In The island of the heroes, this boss case automotive will call on all his experience, accumulated in as a business executive and racing driver, to rush up to the poles.

They are 19 in total, to participate in the edition 2020 of Koh-Lanta. First, there are five captions in the program who come back to try their luck in the adventure, and 14 new heads that the public will discover from this Friday 21 February. Eric is one of these candidates flew to Fiji with the hope of winning its 21st season. Is 56 years old, this pattern of a broken car in Saint-Etienne is already rather well known in their region : for the past 20 years, he participates in rallies at the wheel of his car. “Hyperactive and sporty in the soul,” as he has entrusted the Progress, the fifty-year-old is a great athlete. It practice including skiing, squash and indoor football. And when he knew that he was being held for Koh-Lanta, it has accelerated the pace by multiplying the number of sessions of running and swimming. What he can, although he is the second candidate the older of the season, to rub without the slightest concern to young people.

The challenge of a father

“It is the desire to experience something out of the ordinary and a human adventure that led me to try my luck,” said Eric to Progress. The saint-etienne wasn ‘t a fan of the first hour of Koh-Lanta: it has started to look at the program there are only “two or three years,” with his two youngest children, 7 and 8 years old. Also the father of two other children 30 and 28 years, Eric feels the height of the challenge. Because in addition to being very athletic, he has to take advantage of his experience as head of business : “It is necessary to have the character without showing that it was too much. It will be 30 years that I lead people, he entrusted them to Progress. I begin, therefore, to identify, in particular, psychologically. “In his portrait circulated on MyTF1, the rally driver seems can no longer be determined to win :” I see Koh-Lanta as a good risk-taking, as a challenge, he says. When I want something, I get there always. “And it’s just as well, because he very much wanted to go to the end…


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