Koh-Lanta 2020 : that is Naoil, the boxer’s professional adventure ?

A few hours of the launch of the new season of Koh-Lanta, Here you can discover the portraits of the 14 candidates of the edition. Naoil, a female boxer professional at mind of steel, is a part of it.

The adventure starts all over again on TF1. This Friday, 21 February, viewers will discover the very first episode of Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes. The opportunity for them to find five candidates emblematic of the program, but also to get to know 14 new ones. Among them : Naoil. 37-year-old, this coach sports a native of Hauts-de-Seine has the soul of a warrior. Boxer professional, she has 24 fights, 21 wins and only three defeats. She was also a bronze medallist at the World championships and Europe in 2017. “My main motivation in the adventure, this is the challenge “, says in his portrait, the one that hopes to go as far as possible in the competition. But this is also its peculiarity, it is his outspokenness. She, who never hesitates to say what she thinks, may well find some friction with the other candidates

Naoil, a woman with a mind of steel

Naoil admit : it is not always take a pair of tweezers. Especially in an adventure as that of Koh-Lanta, where the living conditions can quickly affect the morale. “I say, really very spontaneously things, as it pleases or it does not like me. I try in general to do it the best way that it is. But faced with the lack of food, sleep, and in extreme conditions, I don’t know if I would contain myself and be careful what I say and how I say it… “, grants-t-it in front of the cameras of TF1. Remains to be seen whether his side in the raw will not make sparks with Ines, Charlotte, and other strong heads in this special edition of the game Denis Brogniart !