Koh-Lanta 2020 : the enigmatic message of Denis Brogniart before the big launch

This Friday February 21 marks the grand return of Koh-Lanta on TF1. Denis Brogniart has taken advantage of this day to make a huge revelation on Twitter.

The big day has arrived. After months of waiting and a trailer that has stirred the Canvas, Koh-Lanta is well and truly back with a new season, aired for the first time this Friday 21 February 2020 on TF1. Nevertheless, this edition of the mythical issue of adventure presented by Denis Brogniart will not resemble the old ones. Called The Island of Heroes, the latter will bring together 5 candidates are emblematic of the seasons previous : Teheiura, Moussa, Jessica, sam and Sara. Although they are already-and-already accustomed to survival, these adventurers in the grass will again this challenge extraordinary to the sides of the 14 new contestants, including two participants of the season cancelled in 2018. And they are all extremely determined to win the event essential posts, their journey in the programme will be powered the surprising new developments…

A season that will mark the history of the show

Always very active in the promotion of Koh-Lanta Denis Brogniart has taken advantage of the impatience of the fans of the show for teaser more the program. And it is on Twitter that the fifty-year-old expressed, “friends, there it is today, it is thelarge return ofKohLanta on TF1 21h tonight. It goes from 100 at the time with the end of the episode appalling! The never-before-seen 19-year-old Koh Lanta !” he said. Information that has not failed to respond to the users, currently many thousands to have reacted to the publication. “We can’t wait ! Strongly tonight”, “What a teasing ! Tonight Denis” or even “Ohlala but what a revelation, this is untenable !” we can read among the comments. More than a few hours of waiting ! So please go on TF1 at 21h !

Friends, this is it today is the grand return of #KohLanta on @TF1 21h tonight. It goes from 100 at the time with the end of the episode appalling! Never-before-seen 19-year-old @KohLantaTF1 here is the boat on which is found the departure of the adventurers. And I seaplane pic.twitter.com/cN2JstvnEq

— Denis Brogniart (@DenisBrogniart) February 21, 2020