Koh-Lanta 2020 : who are Sara, Jessica, Moussa, Teheiura and Claude, the five heroes of the adventure ?

Koh-Lanta, the island of Heroes, it is this Friday 21 February on TF1. Denis Brogniart will be pleased to find Sara, Jessica, Moussa, Teheiura and Claude, the participants of the previous seasons. You don’t have memories ? Here are some reminders.

The new season of Koh-Lanta is part of special editions of the game. Among the 19 adventurers selected, five are already intimately familiar with the difficulties that represents such an adventure. This is Jessica, Sara, Moussa, Teheiura and Claude. And as much as to say that they were all the rage in the belly and the willingness of the title of the last survivor of the issue. Back on their course.

Sara, Koh-Lanta : Vietnam (2012) and Revenge of The hero (2014)

At 50 years old, Sara is more motivated than ever to win his adventure. The coach, athletic muscular, adept of the pumps to celebrate his victories, is currently the only woman, all seasons combined, to have managed to make the fire. The Var has energy to spare. Output for medical reason, at its first participation, Sara hope this time show up at the end of what she is capable of and reach the famous event dreaded by the poles.

Jessica, Koh-Lanta : Johor (2014)

The mother of 35-year-old poised to take his second Koh-Lanta. More sporty and strong – both mentally and physically -, the technician, sleep apnea was already shown in 2014 ofa physical strength incredible. She has also won three victories in 35 days of survival. If she did not fire unlike Sara, she can boast of being the only woman to have managed to catch with a harpoon. A feat she hopes to repeat.

Claude, Koh-Lanta : Vietnam (2010), and on the other Hand heroes (2012)

Past two times at the side of the victory, the driver of the master of 40 years has always been so upright. This year, the ultimate totem will be for him. During his last two adventures, Claude has demonstrated his power. He holds, moreover, the great record of eleven victories in two participations. Also still “authoritarian and directive” as he describes himself, Claude is determined to make Teheiura companion road this season.

Teheiura, Koh-Lanta : Raja Ampat (2011), The Revenge of a hero (2012) and Malaysia (2014)

The cook manager of a food-truck is in its fourth participation. Finalist, stripped of the 2011 edition, it has for goal to clinch the title ultimate. The Tahitian 41-year-old has the skills to achieve his ends. Dad of three small girls, he wants to make the pride of her children, and will give himself the means to prove to his relatives that he can finally become the last survivor.

Moussa, Koh-Lanta : Panama (2003) and Cambodia (2012)

“I have the full kit to win this adventure” : this is specified in the head of the company’s 38-year-old in his portrait. The challenges do not make him afraid because the side of his main business, the father of two children develops its activity in the events, and the production of music. For The island of heroes, Moussa has only one goal : win all the events. It is also physically more than prepared : champion of the world boxing chinese, he also practices kung-fu and kick-boxing. The other adventurers are warned : it will not find him !