Koh-Lanta 2020 : who is Alexandra, the coach of sporting adventure ?

Koh-Lanta is back on TF1. In total, 14 new contestants will try to go as far as possible in the adventure. Alexandra is part of the competitors on which we will rely.

It is left for Koh-Lanta ! This Friday 21 February from 21h05, the adventure game of TF1 is back for a new season in explosive and dubbed the island of hero‘s “. This year, 14 new adventurers will meet with five former “heroes” of the previous editions : Claude, Teheiura, Moussa, Jessica and Sara. But these will have worthy opponents. Alexandra is part of the candidates on which it will rely. The coach sports, a native of Côtes d’armor, is aged 47 years. This teacher of fitness very dynamic, which includes Zumba classes, is a mother of three boys, aged 7 to 18 years.

Out of his routine

“I am a mother to very fulfilling, but to participate in Koh-Lanta is the opportunity for me to live an adventure, just me,” said Alexandra in his portrait published on the official website of TF1. By participating in the game from the First string, this passionate of sport hope, therefore, provide a good dose of adrenaline at the other end of the world. The survival or proofs of immunity will undoubtedly help the mother’s familyto forget their daily grind. All in the greatest secrecy.

“My children know nothing, they will finally be able to experience what I experienced. All of the people with whom I work, who wondered why I was part of it. For the shoot, I had taken a leave of absence without pay and pleaded that I used to operate, ” she revealed to 20 minutes. His relatives had finally learned of his participation there are only fifteen days. A nice surprise.