Koh-Lanta 2020 : who is Benedict, entrepreneur, passionate about sport ?

This Friday, 21 February, TF1 will give the starting signal of Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes. Before the broadcast of the first episode, Here’s you the opportunity to discover a little more about Benedict, one of the adventurers the most athletes of this edition.

It is D-Day ! After an interminable wait, the followers of Koh-Lanta will finally find their favorite program. In this new edition, the five candidates iconic, the so-called ” heroes “, will make their grand return with Denis Brogniart. But for enthusiasts of the game, this will be primarily the opportunity to discover the 14 candidates selected for this season in the Fiji islands. Among them : Benedict. Aged 44, this contractor is a director of three companies including a specialty coffee roasting, based in Martinique. Married and the father of two children, it’s only two years that he has made his return to metropolitan France, where he now manages its business. But what will surely be his main strength in the competition, it is his sportsmanship. “Licensed to club athletics Questembert (Morbihan), and the triathlon club of Muzillac (Morbihan), I will train ten times a week between running, biking and swimming “, he explains in the columns of Ouest-France.

Benedict is a great optimist

Big fan of the issuance of TF1, Benedict was in the habit of watching it as a family. Moreover, these are his children who pushed him to sign up. “One of the pleasures, I must admit, is to criticize nicely, the candidates say to themselves that they would have had to act like that or do this. One day, my children have put me to the challenge to launch myself into the adventure to see if it is so easy… “, admitted the head of the company. But the adventurer has a strength : that of being deeply optimistic. In his portrait unveiled by the first channel of the post, he says he doesn’t be someone worried : “When I get myself into something, I really think this is going to work well. “It is everything we wish this passionate sport, which was not even revealed to his family and friends how far he had gone in the competition. In the same way that the millions of followers of the show, they will have to follow the episodes on TF1 to know the last word of the story !