Koh-Lanta 2020 : who is Charlotte, the strong head of the adventure ?


Attention to appearances : Charlotte ensures that under his picture of the “princess” is hiding a true ” warrior “. Desperate to go as far as possible in this 21st season of Koh-Lanta, she doesn’t hide her fiery temperament.

The casting Koh-Lanta : the island of the hero is well-filled, for this edition of 2020. In addition to the five former candidates who are making their grand return, it’s 14 new adventurers that have been selected. Charlotte, 27 years old, is one of the happy elected. The young woman, who comes to us from Seine-Saint-Denis, has been working for three years at a real estate developer, where she sells the apartments off-plan. And as the precise production, it has the qualities required for this work : “Charlotte is very positive. Empathetic, she sees the good in everyone. But she hides a small character. “This last point is however very visible in the video of his portrait, posted on MyTF1. The young woman admits from the outset that it can be annoying when it refuses to go in his direction…

Charlotte is ready to handle to save Koh-Lanta

“I have a lot of trouble with the hierarchy, with individuals who may be above me. Because it must advance as I want to. If you do not do as I want, it can very fast from the clash or be very complicated , “she says. But Charlotte knows, this may be playing tricks. It will, therefore, not to hide this aspect of her personality to move forward : “If you have to lie, manipulate or be a hypocrite, well then I’ll do it. I will do everything to go to the end and it is like that. “Beyond the physical and mental challenge, Charlotte also participates in Koh-Lanta to change the vision we may have of it :” I return an image of a girl can be too perfectionist with hair always made, nails always done… so, people do not see it, she laments. Koh-Lanta, the idea is to prove that I am not only a princess, but I also have a part of me that is a warrior who is not afraid. “


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