Koh-Lanta 2020 : who is Governed, the strategist of the season ?

Director of a sports shop, Régis knows how to play the leaders. Candidate this season 2020 of Koh-Lanta, the forty-something woman intends to go far with her sense of management, and diplomacy.

The 21st season of Koh-Lanta begins this Friday 21 February on TF1. Viewers will be delighted to find five ancient glories of the show, but also discover the 14 new candidates who have been recruited by the production for this adventure in the Fiji islands. Régis is a member of this casting : up to 40 years, a fan of manga and video games – who collects action figures of his favorite heroes – live in the Yonne with his girlfriend and her four children. Director of a large sports store, he leads a crowd of about fifty people with rigour and efficiency. “Régis knows how to lead, or even accompany them, the troops in gentleness, explains the production in his presentation. Between diplomacy and ambition, he led his ship in any discretion. “A temperament that is sometimes to develop strategies.

Governed may well do wonders for the tips

In his video portrait, Regis showcases his ability to predict the future. Methodical and thoughtful, the middle-aged do not let themselves be fooled by his comrades and rivals. “I am an ambitious, strategist, or even a calculator. But not necessarily in the pejorative sense. The idea is always to have a step ahead, ” he says. Both in my business and in my personal life. It is almost an art of living, in fact. It is a way of operating. “The only people with which the Governed can’t do that and are her four children, that he delighteth most of all. “My children do what they want of me, he acknowledges. My work sometimes requires a certain hardness and I didn’t want to be like that with my children. “This promises to tears if he wins a day the moving test of comfort at the end of which the candidates have for news of their loved ones…