Koh-Lanta 2020 : who is Ines, the nurse at the strong character of the adventure ?


This Friday 21 February from 21h05, TF1 will launch Koh-Lanta : island of heroes. The opportunity to meet with Inès, an adventurer to the very strong character.

Koh-Lanta and Denis Brogniart return finally on TF1 ! This Friday, 21 February, viewers will discover a whole new season called ” the island of heroes “. This edition promises to be rich in twists and turns since the 14 candidates will not be alone in the Fiji islands. The five ancient figures of the issuance of adventure are back in the competition. Claude, Teheiura, Moussa, Jessica, and Sara will return to take their revenge. But they will be facing worthy opponents. Among them, Inès, a young woman of 25 years, who go as far as possible in the game.

A candidate for the mental very strong

A native of Toulouse, Ines moved to Paris four years ago for training as a nurse. Now a graduate, she has been in the capital. If the beautiful brunette seems to be very quiet, she hides a fiery temperament. “There is a way to do with me, it is necessary to put the forms, she confided in her portrait unveiled on the official website of TF1. It does not give me order, I have a very very big mind. I think that Koh-Lanta, it was nice to arrive with a mountain of muscles, if the mind does not follow, I do not think that it is going away. “

Well aware of his strong character and sometimes you go too far, Inès hope that the adventure Koh-Lantawill allow him to settle down. “I think that Koh-Lanta is going to be a therapy because I have a rage in me. I need to let go of the bar. But I’m going to explode down there, but in a good way “, she warned. The trials of survival and the physical but also the life in community should enable the candidate Koh-Lanta to open a new chapter of his life. And why not also reveal another facet of his personality to his loved ones.


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