Koh-Lanta 2020 : why is the husband of Sara finished by “hate,” Denis Brogniart

We can say that Koh-Lanta has totally changed the life of Sara, but also that of her husband. One of the candidates emblematic of the show confessed to having postponed his wedding to participate in the adventure game !

Her husband is not about to forget the broadcast and the world of the tv ! This Friday, 21 February, viewers will find Denis Brogniart to the presentation of the Koh-Lanta. But for this 24th season, great novelty, candidates will be able to face 5 former competitors iconic, like Sara. She who remembers his first pass in the show, can say that Koh-Lanta has marked his life forever ! Participating in 2012 and 2014, she was entrusted to the Parisian, that the adventure game has completely changed her daily life at the most important moments of his life. In effect, the manager of a sports club has admitted to having postponed his wedding to be able to fly to Koh-Lanta ! “When Adventure Line Productions called me for the first time,it was a day after sending out 80 invitations to my wedding. I’ve had to any reporter,” she says.

The law of the series

And the story does not stop there ! During his honeymoon, everything does not happen as planned : “During my honeymoon,Denis Brogniart, that my husband has come to hate, I was asked to do Ninja Warrior”. We can understand that his companion has finished by hate productions ! Then, one can say that for its third participation at Koh-Lanta, Sara has scheduled his trip… And no. Once again, she had to leave her husband to join the other candidates ! In fact, the shooting has unfortunately taken place during… their “twelve days of annual vacation”. And yes, once again, her husband has been dependent on the passion of Sara for the sport and the competition !