Koh-Lanta : Denis Brogniart is an amazing and unprecedented revelation on the shoots

On Tuesday 21 April, Denis Brogniart has organized a live with Moussa, an adventurer emblematic of Koh-Lanta, the last season is currently broadcasting. The facilitator has made a crazy revelation on the shoots.

Koh-Lanta was already a must-attend event for many viewers. But with the recent health measures, it is simply to become indispensable. Containment requires, it is in front of the television that most of the French spends his Friday nights. A bargain for the chain’s first in Europe, which saw record audience. During the last episode of Koh-Lanta, the island of the heroes, they were, in fact, more than 6.9 million to meet present!!! This is why fans of the show were thrilled to learn that Denis Brogniart, the host, played extra-time on its social networks. Every day at around 18h, it is organizing a live with a former adventurer. On Tuesday 21 April, he took the news of Moussa, candidate iconic of the program. Betrayals, memories of shooting… this was an opportunity for the users to learn a lot about what they have never seen on the screen.

Denis Brogniart trap the candidates

But who better than Denis Brogniart to reveal the hidden face of Koh-Lanta ? At the head of the program since 2002, the husband of Hortense knows a thing or two about the secrets of filming. It is so involved that it tests itself each time you test. But when its live with Moussa, he made a revelation that nobody expected. Reminiscing of his adventures, the chief of the company’s 38-year-old explained that every time he saw the host of 52 years he had only one obsession : his watch. But there’s a catch… ” This is an info that I can give to those who like Koh-Lanta (…) . But on the game, nobody has a watch to the correct time. That is to say that the only one who has a watch, it is me, but I disturbed always. That is to say, it can be 8 o’clock in the morning on my watch so that it is 13 hours in the afternoon in true. “, has unveiled the sidekick of Christophe Beaugrand in Ninja Warrior.Anything to destabilize a little more adventurous !