Koh-Lanta : Denis Brogniart tries to put in a couple Pholien with an ex-candidate

Denis Brogniart organizes lives on Instagram, where he interview of former adventurers. In the course of an exchange with a former participant, Cumba, he tried to cram Pholien.

Pholien will not have survived the reunification. In the episode of Koh-Lanta, broadcast Friday, April 3, the Belgian has been eliminated after a second round of voting that pitted him against Eric. Since the reunification, the candidate felt in danger. Thus, the test of lazy, consisting of to remain hooked for as long as possible to a beam using her arms and her legs, Pholien fought a long time before giving in. Without totem immunity, this dud has sounded the death knell of the candidate. “I was happy to stand up and die”, he confided to Behold after his elimination. Since the airing of the episode, a spat took place on Twitter between Pholien and Claude, about the conditions of the elimination of the first.

“I’m looking for prince charming”

During this time, if he comments regularly in the program, Denis Brogniart is holding a daily live on Instagram. Each day, 18 hours, he receives a former candidate Koh-Lanta. Saturday 4 April, the facilitator welcomed Cumba, who has participated in three editions of the show. In addition to exchange the memories related to the issuance, the former candidate has also launched an appeal : “I seek the prince Charming”, she announced. Denis Brogniart has jumped on the opportunity to propose a meeting with… Pholien. And this attempt may not be a sword in the water. Cumba confessed to find the adventurer rather “cute”. If Denis Brogniart has not ensured the “speed dating” until the end, Pholien and Cumba could connect on the live of Karine Le Marchand, who has made the encounter between single occupancy during the confinement.