Koh-Lanta Finale: Tania in White Mini-Skirt, Quentin’s Look Mocked by Viewers


Koh-Lanta Finale: The Contestants

This Tuesday, June 13th, 2023, on the occasion of the last council given live and aiming to designate the great winner of Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire, all the adventurers of this 24th season appeared in their best light. Low-cut dresses, chic suits and high heels… The women were carefully made up and the men clean-shaven. Appearances that totally contradict the emaciated faces and bodies we have followed throughout the end of the adventure… It must be said that since they have returned home, our twenty candidates have very quickly resumed their comfortable habits! Facing Denis Brogniart, they all had this evening regained their form and their smile. Resplendent, Tania appeared dressed in an immaculate white ensemble, composed of a mini-skirt and a particularly chic jacket. Her two other opponents of the posts, Frédéric (the great winner of the mythical test) and Nicolas, were clean-shaven and both dressed in a white shirt for the occasion, white for Nicolas and yellow for Frédéric. The other candidates of the show were not left out either since they were all dressed to the nines, as is the custom each year for the finale of Koh-Lanta.

Quentin: The Unpopular Contestant

But one candidate in particular has reacted the netizens. It is Quentin, whom many obviously do not carry in their hearts… Wearing a simple white t-shirt with striped sleeves, the 27-year-old carpenter had this evening a first-class physique that has inspired the twittos. “Quentin has one of those unsheathes…”, “Where did he find this awful t-shirt Quentin?”, “Quentin is 14 years old tonight…”, “Your t-shirt is awful Quentin!”, “What I retain from this Koh-Lanta is the capacity that Quentin had to federate the whole of France against him…”, one can read among the most virulent tweets. Not thrilled to see Tania in the finale, the young man had indeed shown a lot of bad faith when pronouncing his predictions, just before the orientation test. “If it’s Tania and Julie in the final, I’d rather vote white,” he said. A remark that did not please the fans of the show at all and which cost him his already low sympathy capital…

The Reaction of the Netizens

The reaction of the netizens to Quentin’s outfit and attitude was overwhelmingly negative. Tweets of disapproval flooded the social media platforms, criticizing Quentin and his wardrobe choice. Many people expressed their anger and frustration with his lack of respect for Tania and the show. It was clear that the audience was not happy with his behavior and his words.


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