Koh-Lanta : how Clo saw the containment with his girlfriend ?

Participant’s charismatic Koh-Lanta last year, Clo comes from giving new. Confined with his partner for nearly ten days, the young woman compares what the French are currently living at home with his experience of survival at the other end of the world.

“I’m waiting for happy hour all day ! “It is a Clo confined but blagueuse which is entrusted to Purepeople. The ex-participant in Koh-Lanta 2019 will long be remembered for this Thursday 12 march 2020. “Before the President’s speech, she said, I called my girlfriend , and I said to him : “tonight, we will drink our last drink in the terrace, before setting-mode end of the world.”” Since, it is with Manon, his companion, and that Clo lives confined. And it seems not too bad. “Manon and I live well, highlights Clo. Oddly, one is frowning less than usual, so that it is 24h/24 together ! We laugh a lot, I even believe that it strengthens our marriage. I don’t fear for my couple, but for others, I think it can be a trigger of breakage. We will see about that in a few weeks… “

Koh-Lanta VS Containment

His days confined, Clo the relative and tries to keep his cape. “I am taking dietary supplements (spirulina and vitamins C, Zinc). It is important to maintain a balanced diet, including eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, ” says the young woman. Yes I am afraid of gaining weight, but I’m trying to get attention and especially to make the bike apart regularly. So it should go ! “It especially helps that she has lived in the emission of adventure of TF1 to get through this ordeal. “I have been to Koh-Lanta, I can still take a long time, quips she. But the nature is what I miss the most. “Courage and patience ! Of the virtues that she has learned to tame it at the other end of the planet.