Koh-Lanta, The 4 Land : who is Marie-France, the character of the team in the North ?

On the 28th of August next, TF1 will kick-off the new season of Koh-Lanta, entitled The 4 lands. Viewers will discover, in particular Marie-France, the character of the risk of sparks in the Northern tribe.

Denis Brogniart



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Koh-Lanta, The 4 Lands, it is for very soon. In less than ten days, on the 28th of August next, TF1 dégainera the new season of its adventure game presented by Denis Brogniart. It should be said that after the success of The island of heroes, the string would be wrong to deprive itself of such an engine. It is, therefore, on the hats of wheels that she will make his comeback on television. If the season of Claude and Naoil had caused much ink to flow, this may be worse with The 4 Lands. And for good reason : it was already announced as the season déchaînera the passions. The reason is very simple : for the first time, the 24 candidates will be divided into four regional teams. The chauvinism of the French, therefore, will take over. The North, East, South and West are respectively composed of six candidates, and have each a color, namely purple, green, blue and orange. And this will not be the only novelty. A change of size is also to be expected regarding the trials of comfort. The two winning teams will receive awards, and the third will walk away empty-handed on his camp. On the other hand, the last team will go to make a tour on the island of exile, on which the adventurers will have neither water nor food to survive. A challenge that runs the risk of creating the tub on the side of Marie-France.

“It may be sparks “

This worm 49-year-old will be part of the raiders of the team violet Vualiku, or of the team in the North. Resourceful, this mother of two grown children wants to turns an adventure. “It is not that I am bored, but I need the galleys to advance. What could be better than Koh-Lanta to move forward… in a galley “, has fun in his portrait. But if she “loves the sense of effort” and ” cohesion “, as stated in Denis Brogniart, it may still not make the unanimity among his clan. Marie-France, “does not mince words, and is wary of any and all” reveals the string. A strong character, in short. Then, in the face of the tinny Lola or candid Fabrice, it may be heard. And should not make a lot of friends in the adventure. His son, moreover, are convinced. “This is the life of a group that might be a problem. It may be sparks, “they face the main interested, and she promises that she will” take on [her] “. The other members of the tribe of the North are warned : it will not look for it. Remains to be seen whether with such a character, it will find its place and stay as long as possible on the island, or if on the contrary, the king of strategy and betrayal, Adrien does make it a mouthful. The war promises to be bloody.