Kylie Jenner : sexy below of satin, the internet users under the charm

Kylie Jenner is one of the queens of Instagram. The young woman has posted this January 13, on Instagram several shots super sexy which made lose the north to his fans…

Bye Bye 2019 welcome 2020 ! Kylie Jenner has left behind it no regrets was a complicated year. If the young woman had a strong year financially -it was resold to the american group Coty for the modest sum of $ 600 million, its brand of cosmetics – it has also experienced a setback in love. After a break-very high profile, with Travis Scott, the father of her little Stormy, Kylie Jenner has fueled many rumors : was she in a relationship with canadian rapper Drake, or was she back with her ex ? Today it is a rumor of a liaison with the singer Rosalia , which is rustling. The youngest of Kim Kardashian plays the game, is displayed with an alliance and called Rosalia “his wife.

Pictures that raise the temperature in the beginning of the year

The lovely brunette continues to use Instagram as a playground, she post a jumble of adorable shots ofhis little Stormi two-year-old, photos of her sisters, but also shots of sexy that make up the temperature regularly on the social network… It must be said that with its 150 million subscribers, there is little chance that one of his photos goes unnoticed. This Monday, January 13, Kylie has posted a series of photos where she is in lingerie flesh-coloured playing in a string pink. His hair which extend almost up to his knees to give the volcanic daughter of Kris Jenner – like atmosphere of Venus by Botticelli 2.0. The followers of the little sister of Kendall Jenner was quick to comment on the post légendé soberly “Kinked”. They have been many to make this confession of wanting to become a rope (well, the one in the photo, more specifically, of course) as the user troubled to the extreme ” I believe that until tonight I had never wanted to be a rope” there was also the cohort’s usual jealous ” Calm down, its hair of him fall into the furrow buttocks !” but the majority of the comments were singing the praises of the ravishing multimillionaire : “I’m your Aladdin, and you are my Jasmine… in my dreams, ” “Diva of divas” Rope ” sacred paradise ! “”Oh my god, with these pictures it is safe you’ll break the internet ! “”My god you are absolutely gorgeous”. Still a success for Kylie, and 2020 is only a beginning…

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