Lady D as Cinderella lived with a wicked stepmother, and exhausted he pushed her to the stairs

There are those who say that fairy tales have nothing to do with reality, what happens to you is only the fruit of the imagination, but some of the anecdotes happened in real life have something undeniably fairy-tale. Just like it happened to poor Cinderella, Lady D she was raised by a stepmother, cruel, and disagreeable, as recounted in the documentary “Princess Diana’s Wicked Stepmother“.

A stepmother like in the fairy tales

In the fairy tale of Cinderella, as you well remember, the kind and friendly father of the damsel, after the death of his wife, decided to marry a haughty lady, and became the stepmother of poor Cinderella, is the best in the worst of ways, and feeding the hatred of the naive little girl against her. In the family of what would become the Lady D, the dynamics were not so different.

Raine MrCorquodale was a woman of a haughty and a social climbing without equal, who married for the first time in 19 years, became the wife of John Spencer, the third count of the homonymous family, and the father of Diana, as well as his only reference point from the moment that the mother, Frances, was eloping with her lover when her daughter was seven years old. When the earl Spencer, she married the young Raine, was not a nice moment for the family, as told in the documentary where they described the wrongdoings of the future princess and her little brother Charles, in respect of the hated stepmother, who was nicknamed ” Acid Raine.

The hatred between the two

The manifestations of hatred between the two became more and more frequent, so as to culminate in an episode that really sconcertate. In the film we are told that at the age of 28 in 1989, Diana at the wedding of his brother Charles, he pushed his stepmother to the stairs. The reason of this gesture would be in the fact that the woman had assumed an attitude quite disturbing in respect of the first wife of John Spencer, Frances, present at the ceremony as mother of the groom. During her marriage with prince Charles, however, Diana made sure that Raine was not present in any of the official photos and in the church reserved a place on the sidelines. In short, the hatred between the two grew exponentially, so much so that the woman at the death of the father of the Lady D, it was decided to sell the family property without consulting his children, giving as his reason the fact that he never loved the Earl Spencer.

The rapprochement until the death of Lady D

And yet, when Diana divorced, the two began to get closer. In the documentary, in fact, you can see that the adult age there are many more photos that portray them together, though the earl Spencer was now dead. Until the death of Lady D, the two continued to see each other, rediscovering its role perhaps more similar than imagined. Raine Spencer, after the death of the princess, she lived another nine years.