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Lady Dale Tryon: Charles’ Forgotten Mistress

Much has been written about the complicated love triangle between Charles, Camilla, and Diana. But Lady Dale has also been a significant part of the Prince of Wales’ life. As reported by the New York Post, Diana herself, in one of the letters to her mother-in-law which were destroyed in 1993, revealed that Charles had three mistresses at the time of their wedding. In addition to Camilla, the unnamed high society lady, and Lady Dale Tryon, who has gone down in history as “the forgotten mistress”. Lady Dale was born in Melbourne in 1948, the eldest of three children of a wealthy press magnate. In 1972, she moved to London and married Anthony Tryon, the Third Baron Tryon. It was Anthony who introduced Dale to the Prince. The two developed an immediate connection and their friendship quickly blossomed into a relationship in the 70s and 80s. Charles affectionately nicknamed her “Kanga” and publicly described her as “the only woman who ever really understood me”. However, when Charles and Diana got engaged, he had to break off connections with both Camilla and Dale. But when the marriage started to fall apart, Camilla was back in Charles’s life while Dale was forgotten. Lady Dale’s health had deteriorated, suffering from Perthes disease of the hip joint since childhood. In 1993, she was diagnosed with uterine cancer and became addicted to painkillers and alcohol. In 1996, she was admitted to the Farm Place Clinic and tragically jumped from a window, leaving her paralyzed. She died of septicemia in November 1997 at the age of 49, three months before the tragic death of Lady Diana. Lady Dale’s story is a reminder of the complexity of the royal family’s personal lives, from the new portrait of King Charles III with William and George, to the lawsuits against tabloids, to Prince Harry’s struggles.



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