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Lady Diana: Harry & Meghan, Police Chase Paparazzi: No Collision

Lady Diana’s memory will always remain alive.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have achieved their goal without any accidents, injuries or arrests. The New York Police Department gave an official declaration concerning the contentious chase of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by a throng of paparazzi: an episode which was “almost calamitous” according to the spokesperson of the couple, who were in the Big Apple to attend the Woman of Vision Awards. BBC’s description is that the two left the Ziefgeld Theatre around 10 pm in an SUV, then boarded a taxi and endeavored to outrun the reporters. “There were a lot of photographers that made it hard for them to get away,” the authorities explain. The Sussexes’ version is that it was “a very aggressive group of paparazzi”, so the pursuit sustained for more than two hours, involving pedestrians and law enforcers. To stay abreast of royals, celebrities, shows and all the news from the Vanity Fair world, subscribe to our newsletters. The taxi driver who had Harry and Meghan on board during the event narrated to the Washington Post: “They were quiet and appeared scared. I think they were followed all day,” said the driver, however emphasizing that the ride with him went on for about ten minutes, because the bodyguard after a few kilometers told him to turn back: “But I never felt in danger”. Mayor Eric Adams also shared his opinion, labeling the pursuit as “irresponsible”. “The paparazzi are looking for the best shot, but safety must always come first,” he said before invoking the memory of Lady Diana. “There are not many of us who do not remember how Harry’s mother passed away”. It is to her that almost everyone thought when the news of the pursuit spread. Fortunately, with no negative outcomes. Lady Diana’s memory will never be forgotten.



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