Home Celebrity Scoop Lady Diana unites Harry and William still.

Lady Diana unites Harry and William still.

The Legacy of Lady Diana

Twenty-six years after the death of Lady Diana, her sons William and Harry have changed their relationship. But when it comes to their mother, things change, as if she were still the only one capable of reuniting them. On July 1st, on what would have been Lady Diana’s sixty-second birthday, the princes appeared together in a video for The Diana Award, the prize instituted in memory of their mother.

The Diana Award

William and Harry addressed the 180 winners of the prize directly. William said: “My mother believed strongly in young people: you can really change the world and I am very proud to carry on this event in her name.” Harry added: “My mother was convinced of the transformative power of young people. She recognized their unique ability to challenge the status quo and push for a more inclusive and compassionate society.”

The Power of Collective Action

Harry continued: “Whether it’s climate change, mental health or systemic injustice, sometimes the obstacles seem overwhelming, but what gives me hope is the collective power we possess when we work together, the strength in the diversity of voices and perspectives that it contains.” The memory of Lady Diana is now the only engine of their rare contacts.



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