“Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper for lunch at Panarea”, but from the restaurant deny: “She was not there”

Lady Gaga is Panarea with Bradley Cooper. They dined together in the restaurant ‘Da Pina’”: give today some Italian newspapers, telling in detail about the holiday that the famous popstar, you would be conceding on the island along with the new boyfriend Bradley Cooper, known during the filming of the movie A star is born. The news of a flirtation between the two has been debunked several times, but is repeated cyclically every week. For clarity and understanding if the ex-boyfriend of Irina Shayk really is the party at the time of the Aeolian Islands with Lady Germanotta, Fanpage.it has felt the restaurant would have hosted the two for lunch. We were made to know that this romantic encounter would have never happened.

The denial of the restaurant, a Lady Gaga there was

“On the 6th of August, Bradley Cooper has been at lunch from us. Had booked a table for 14 people. With him there were Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom but not Lady Gaga. Our restaurant is very well attended. We have hosted Beyoncé, Michael Douglas and many famous footballers” they let us know that the restaurant Da Pina a Panarea. Nothing done, therefore, even if the pop star had reached the island with a secret (and at the moment there is only one photo that can confirm it), the romantic lunch with Cooper proved to be false.

The kiss with Dan Horton

Another denial to the flirtation between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper had arrived a few days ago, when People has published the photos of the kiss between the pop star and Dan Holton, a sound technician who would be the new companion of the singer and actress. The shot had collapsed without margin, has denied the news of the secret relationship between Gaga and her ex-boyfriend of Irina Shayk, the news that it has never found a real confirmation nor by the parties concerned or in the work of the thousands of paparazzi who, for months now, they are looking for one shot that would confirm the alleged love story.