Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper spotted together in New York, the two coexist according to the gossip american

There are some photos that have made the history of the world of gossip. Those that are circulating in these hours, could write a new chapter of one of the scandals love-greatest, the top, and, yes, most requested by fans of the gossip. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were spotted together in New York, according to the magazine In Touch, the two coexist already for a long time: “The Germanotta has moved in”, writes the weekly gossip american. Add to this also that are circulating new photos that capture a move in progress at his home. And again, we add the photos of last June, those in which you saw the two descend the stairs of the same house, the same stairs from which for years we have seen down the ex-Cooper, Irina Shayk.

The indiscretion of the gossip american

The magazine “In Touch”, has no doubts: Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga moved in together. On the cover, the title is clear: “Gaga has moved in” and the bottom is a photo of the move in progress. Inside is a relaunch, and also the photos which we have written in the opening. The house in the West Village of Bradley Cooper is now the most watched of America because the news is those that really make the throat.

The separation between Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk

But there is also to consider the situation very delicate and that is dealing with Bradley Cooper. The separation from Irina Shayk proceeds from the legal point of view, but in small steps and without tugging. Officially, the relationships between them are serene in order to preserve the little girl that still unites them. Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper, the daughter only 3 years old, should not suffer jolts. But in the meantime, in the States you ask slyly if is already a fan of Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper can’t hide anymore

After always belied by the strength of every indiscretion, from the “We are only good friends” of Bradley in the “we seem to be accomplices because they all wanted to see this” Lady Gaga, now it seems difficult to hide what has always appeared to be solar. Because when the two eyes fall in love, it is always difficult to tell a lie.