“Lady Gaga furious with a fan who asks Bradley Cooper”: the truth about the outburst of the singer

When the relationship between Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk is over (here the reasons of rupture), in many can’t wait for the actor to announce the engagement with Lady Gaga. In the wake of the emotions donated by the film ‘A star is born‘, in fact, there are those who hoped to see become a reality, the complicity and chemistry that Cooper and the singer have left to shine through on the big screen. In these hours, has spread the news that Lady Gaga, impatient for the storm of gossip that befell her, she would be thrown against a fan that he would ask for Bradley Cooper. Let’s see what is true.

The speech of Lady Gaga

On Saturday, June 8, Lady Gaga held a concert in Las Vegas. Before performing the song ‘Shallow’, the artist has delivered a intense speech in defence of LGBTQ rights, starting from the prejudices with which he had to make the accounts in the first person: “All I was doing was considered ‘Too gay’“. Then he continued:

“I remember saying: ‘Well, I do not see it so, but there are also gay people in the world’. They told me that it would not work and tried to change myself, but I’ve never left to do. And you know why? Because I thought that they were too superficial. Today, things have changed. It is not only LGBTQ, it’s about asking people: ‘What pronoun do you define it? Who are you?’ Some people will give answers that may seem complicated, but they are not. We’re communicating more and we are changing”.

The phrase is discussed: “Be kind or go affan,**the”

The singer has insured that whatever the sexual orientation of his fans, she will always respect and will be at their side: “Then, in whatever way you identify yourself, I hope you know that I respect you and I love you and I want nothing more than to see you get out of here tonight with all the courage, inspiration and love possible”. Then came the sentence that in a few hours, bounced from one head to the other: “Oh, another thing. Be kind. Be kind or go affan,**the“. Some newspapers, especially in Italy, have argued that this last sentence was the answer of Lady Gaga to a fan who asked: “Where is Bradley Cooper?“. In fact, most of the international media do not connect at all to the words of the singer to an outburst against a fan. Several people present at the event, in fact, have ensured on social that no one has ever asked the singer to Cooper. That was simply the phrase with which he concluded his speech.