Lady Gaga has a new boyfriend (and it’s not Bradley Cooper)

Let’s face it, without look around: Lady Gaga – apparently – has a “new flame”. And no, it’s not Bradley Cooper. The singer, 33-year-old was photographed in Los Angeles in the company of Dan Horton, 37, a technician of the sound. And in the photos published exclusively by the american People, Miss Germanotta and Horton kiss, during a brunch at the restaurant Granville in Studio City.

This kiss arrives six months after the break-up between her and fiancé Christian Cute, and after that the rumor of an alleged “closeness” between her and the actor and director of A Star is Born they held the tour for months, especially after the separation between Cooper and Irina Shayk.

A number of witnesses revealed to the magazine that Gaga and the engineer seem to only be “more than friends”, without getting carried away in the other predictions. One of the waiters he added that the singer has refused the selfie with the fans, but seemed to be in a very good mood and did nothing to hide the new flirt. “He chose a table overlooking the sidewalk, and not one that is hidden. Have spoken busy busy for about an hour. Seemed very happy to interact with the guy he was”.

To listen to the Linkedin profile of Horton, the 37-year-old working with the singer – as sound engineer – from November 2018. In addition, he is the owner of the company Audio Engineering Consulting Group, and previously has worked with other international artists such as Camila Cabello, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake.

Gaga has never wanted to give too many explanations on the end of his relationship with the Cute: “it has Not worked. Relationships sometimes end,” it is limited to explain. On theaffair with Bradley, however, has always declared to be only a friend. And the exciting duet on the notes of the Shallow of the night of the Oscars he has dismissed as mere “fiction” from the stage. We’ll see.