Lady Gaga: “love with Bradley Cooper was a play, we wanted the people there to be able to believe”

Only a says: so Lady Gaga has dismissed the report, with Bradley Cooper, her co-star in the film A star is born and on the Oscar stage 2019 in a spectacular performance of the song “Shallow” that the pop star is worth an award. Interviewed by Oprah Winfrey for the cover of Elle in America, the singer has made it known that the alleged feelings displayed on stage and in front of the cameras would be carefully studied beforehand and offer to the public a representation that was as realistic as possible. A trap to which the press would involuntarily worked:

I think that part of the print has proved to be really silly. We had to recreate a story of love and it is normal that the goal was to reproduce a relationship the most real. And it is normal as well that Oscar is past all of that love: we wanted the audience to feel those feelings.

With Bradley Cooper at the Oscars 2019

The performance at the Oscars 2019, when Lady Gaga and Cooper have sung together, “Shallow” on the stage, would have been carefully designed to evoke in the audience the desired effect: “we have to make a hole in the goal and we succeeded. We had studied the whole plan in detail. If there was a true love relationship, I’d never be able to play with him on the piano. At the end of ‘Shallow’ the audience applauded and we made the compliments.” Congratulations that they made the curtain down on the flawless execution of a play.

But the relationship with Irina Shayk is over seriously

It would be false, then, even the indiscretion according to which the bond between Cooper and the ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk would be terminated because of the flirt born between the actor and Lady Gaga. Yet the long relationship between the model and the Cooper is over, really, despite the arrival of her daughter Leah, who just turned 2 years old. There are several so-called experts that we would own the pop star at the origin of the rotturatra the two, an event that Lady Gaga denies it on the whole line, branding the relationship as non-existent and the chatter even wanted.