Lady Gaga: the 5 things to know about her new flame

And suddenly, the man that you don’t expect. For months the newspapers of the entire world revolve around a hypothetical love story between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper: they all waited for only a photo which shows a real closeness between the singer and the actor. On the contrary, just after rumors that reported even a fresh coexistence in New York, here is the image that sweeps away, like a hurricane, all the previous items of gossip: Miss Germanotta that she kisses a man, Dan Horton, profession sound engineer.

Hair shaved on the sides and combing with jelly, a look that is very reminiscent of the ex-boyfriend of Lady Gaga, Christian Cute. But what do we really know of the new flame of the american artist? First of all that is born in Nashiville, Tennessee, but loves to travel on his mini bio of Instagram, in fact, appear the initials of the Los Angeles and Las Vegas, in addition to the flags of Portugal and France. A reference to Europe, the continent to which Gaga is tied given that his paternal grandfather was a native of Messina.”]

He has 37 years old, studied at the University of San Francisco and works with the stars of Hollywood: from Camila Cabello to Bruno Mars, from Justin Timberlake to Taylor Swift, and from 2014 to 2017 has been part of the team of sound engineers at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In short, the environment is a character known, so much so that – it shows! News – Lenny Kravitz – can’t do without him during his tour: it seems that in 2012, he has been called personally to convince him to be part of his staff.

According to his profile on LinkedIn, instead, the professional collaboration with Lady Gaga began last November: between the two seems to be born just a beautiful relationship of friendship, which in recent weeks has become something more. Not a stranger, in short, and this also explains the decision to to show themselves in public in attitudes affectionate. Photos that have taken at unawares, a bit’ all: the fans of Lady Gaga, who already imagined in the arms of Cooper, and Autumn Guzzardi, the former wife of Horton.

“Poker Face,” he wrote her on Instagram. In fact, a confirmation.