Lady Gaga : with her new album, the singer claims to have put an end to several of its addictions

Lady Gaga has found a better way to stop the drug detoxification : make a new album that helped her gain multiple addictions. Even if she knows it still has much work to do, the singer is optimistic about his future.

Lady Gaga



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Artist global, which became famous for its tubes and its side provocative, Lady Gaga has become, over the years addicted to many drugs. But according to it, all its dependencies are behind it, thanks to the recording of his latest album, called Chromatica. During an interview with the radio host Zane Lowe, the singer has therefore given to the subject of detoxification carried out with the help of the music. “I don’t take drugs because it is not good for my health. But I have flirted with sobriety. I’m not yet totally but I was throughout the album”, she explains. Even if she admits to not being cleared completely of all of her addiction, Lady Gaga, 34 years of age, did her best : she has planned to give up alcohol, with the title 911, which speaks of an antipsychotic drug that the artist has already taken.

The road is long

The interpreter of Poker Face has also stopped net the cigarette. “I have stopped smoking. I smoked for the entire realisation process of this album. And when it was over, I stopped. It was the most beautiful thing and strange that might happen, that this music makes me treat,” she commended. Good resolutions taken during the recording of her album and which will allow him to leave his past behind. Thanks to this new opus, it has always been found at the foot of the wall and have two options : either to “destroy every day by continuing to drink, or just be happy to be alive and feel well”. Even if she knows she still has a long way to go, Lady Gaga is confident : “This is not perfect, it is wabi-sabi. I am perfectly imperfect”. His sixth album, Chromatica, will be released on may 29.