Laeticia Hallyday controversy: Beach Video Sparks Debate.


Laeticia Hallyday’s Instagram Post

This Sunday, May 21, 2023, Laeticia Hallyday took to her Instagram account to share a photo of herself walking on the beach and throwing a stick to her dog. An excerpt in which she appears to be wearing a fur jacket. But in the caption of her post, the mother of Jade and Joy mentioned the hashtag “fake fur”, which means “fake fur”. A specification that she certainly made in order to anticipate any criticism regarding the jacket she wears in this video.

Mixed Reactions

The reactions were mixed below this post. While some Internet users have indeed lamented the fact that she has to make this kind of specification, others have had difficulty believing her. “Goodness, having to anticipate criticism with a #fakefur … Notoriety requires being one step ahead. When we should just enjoy seeing someone happy whose account we follow“, “I hope it’s fake fur !!!” can be read in the comments section.

Cheyenne, the Labrador

Other social network users seemed seduced by this publication, not paying any attention to this fur story at all… “Magnificent”, “Too cool”, “sublime”, commented some of them below this post, which was liked by more than 5000 people. It should be noted that the dog in this video is called Cheyenne. This is the Labrador dog that Johnny Hallyday had found about a year before his death. An animal that at the time had become a full member of the Hallyday family. The magazine also explained that this dog has its own Instagram account, where it is currently followed by more than 5700 people. An account that Laeticia Hallyday also mentioned in the caption of her post, while specifying that Cheyenne makes her “happy”. A publication to which she logically added the music You make me happy by My sun and stars.


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