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Lara Alvarez Life: Best Moment Ever! Reasons Here.

Lara Alvarez’s New Professional Stage

Lara Alvarez is living a new professional stage since she rejected going back to ‘Survivors’ and took the lead of her new show, ‘Me resbala’. This has been very beneficial to her on a personal level as well, since now she can spend more time with her family. The presenter has confessed this, claiming that this “can be one of the best moments of my life, really”, because “I’m with a change of project, which we still don’t have an emission date for, but ‘Me resbala’ has been the change I needed professionally, the evolution I was looking for”, she assured.

Enjoying Time with Family

The presenter has explained that “I’m enjoying my family a lot, these months here for the first time after eight years and it may seem silly, but I was able to celebrate my birthday with my family, my mother’s birthday, my father’s, my brother’s and many things are coming together…”. “I won’t tell you that it was wasted time because it’s never wasted time, but rather investments that are necessary in life”, Lara said in this video from Europa Press.

Handling Professional Change

As for how she is handling the professional change, Lara reveals that “what happened there was a personal evolution that was transmitted to the professional, as it is logical”, adding that “in the end a person’s concerns change, I’m a person who has to be in continuous evolution, in terms of environment, self-knowledge, new challenges, expectations, the priorities I’m telling you about with the family…”. Lara has also reflected on the fact that “life is not eternal, it is fleeting and then, of course, when this happens to you inside, in the end you can’t stop it outside and having the support of my chain was fundamental to allow me this. Not hard, quite the opposite”.



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