Lara Alvarez on Paz Padilla as coworker


Lara Alvarez Is Preparing a New Show

Lara Alvarez is preparing her new and fun show as a presenter, ‘Me resbala’, and she has already revealed which words best define each of her contestants. The Telecinco presenter will be in charge of the program that was broadcast on Antenna 3 between 2013 and 2021, and which will feature big names from the entertainment industry such as Paz Padilla. This is Lara’s first program since it was announced that she would leave ‘Supervivientes’, but not the last one she has presented.

Paz Padilla’s Multifaceted Talents

The television presenter was already part of ‘Pesadilla en el Paraiso’, but after its first edition, she decided to leave the project and many wondered if that would be the end of her career in Mediaset. Now, Lara has presented us with the contestants of ‘Me resbala’ and has confessed what she thinks of her colleague, Paz Padilla. The former presenter of ‘Sálvame’ never ceases to amaze us and it is evident that she has also managed to conquer the one from Gijón. You can see it here! The presenter has chosen the word “multifaceted” for the author of ‘El humor de mi vida’. “We all know that, right? Presenter, singer, actress… multifaceted,” she explained. In addition, Paz has also shown us the good vibes between everyone with a behind-the-scenes video.

Coming Soon: Me Resbala

Don’t miss it: We still don’t know when this program will be released, which will bring together great comedians from our country to face tests without stopping to improvise! Slips, falls, impossible challenges, crazy situations and, above all, humor and fun. These are the keys to ‘Me resbala’, the program that Mediaset España has recovered and that we will be able to see very soon.


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