Large Families: Mother of 7 Kids Ludovica Tuzzoli Clarifies Allocations


A Blended Family Living Under One Roof

TF1’s show “Familles nombreuses, la vie en XXL” continues to be popular and new faces join the reality show of the first channel. Among them is Ludovica Tuzzoli and her husband Grégory, who are in charge of a tribe of seven children. Noa 11 years old, Léo 9 years old and Leny 3 years old are the children of the 31-year-old woman, born from a previous union. Hugo 11 years old, Chloé 7 years old and Lucie 6 years old are the children of her companion. Together, the couple welcomed a little Nino, aged one. The happy blended family now lives under the same roof.

Budgeting for a Family of Nine

This Friday June 2, 2023, the mother of the family, who manages the daily expenses, spoke about their budget in front of the cameras: “With Grégory, we have a budget between 2,500 and 2,800 euros per month, approximately, for nine people. A little more than half of it comes from Grégory’s salary, and the other half comes from family allowances,” she said on television. If the calculations are correct, the couple would have an envelope of more than 1,000 euros to meet the needs of their seven children.

Saving Money with Self Scanning

This is not the first time that families of the first channel’s reality show have revealed their monthly budget. In December 2022, Aïda and Émile Hämmerli spoke of the money they spend each month to meet the needs of their four children: Méline, 6 years old, Roxane, 5 years old, Karine, 4 years old and Warren, 3 years old. The mother of the family explained to the cameras that she used “self scanning”. A technique used by many supermarkets and which allows to save time at the checkout, but also to have a permanent eye on the amount of the basket. “The grocery budget always runs around 100-150 euros per week. We try to stay consistent, especially when you have a large family. We can’t afford to buy things like organic or things that cost two or three times the price,” she explained last year. To each their own method!


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