Laure Manaudou, Jeremy Frerot: Sweet Pool Moment with their 2 Sons Swimming


Summer is Here and Laure Manaudou is Living it to the Fullest

Summer hasn’t officially started in France yet, but judging by the temperatures these past few days, it’s pretty much the same! Laure Manaudou, Olympic swimming champion, has been living in the Arcachon Basin in Gironde for several years now and is perfectly situated to take full advantage of the beautiful temperatures. She moved to the region with her husband, Jérémy Frérot, who is from the area. The two lovebirds seem to be perfectly happy, despite a complicated summer last year, marked by the fires that ravaged the region. In the face of the arrival of the flames, Laure Manaudou and Jérémy Frérot were even forced to leave their house in a hurry, but fortunately more fear than harm for the little family. Now everything is back to normal and Florent Manaudou’s sister seems very fulfilled.

Laure Manaudou’s Daughter Manon

She just revealed the face of her daughter, Manon (13 years old) on her Instagram account. In the pictures, mother and daughter are in the countryside and embrace tenderly and we can see that the daughter of Frédérick Bousquet looks a lot like her mother. Young Manon often makes round trips to the south of France and Antibes, where her father is based.

The Proud Mother of Two Little Boys

In addition to her eldest daughter, Laure Manaudou is also the proud mother of two little boys, including Lou (4 years old), who is already very big for his age. A rugby lover, the little brunette makes his mother proud, just like his little brother, aged 2 and a half and whose name we do not yet know. On his Instagram account, the former swimmer likes to share moments of life with her children and that is what she did on Monday, June 5th. In one photo, we can see Lou and his brother by the pool. The two little brunettes seem to be having a great time and their mother too, who adds a heart emoji to her picture (the photos can be found in the slideshow). On the second photo, Lou is helping his mother fold the clean clothes. “Volunteer”, writes the native of Villeurbanne (Rhône). A beautiful family day for Laure Manaudou and her children, who are making the most of the beautiful days!


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