Laure Manaudou : the new activities, discoveries, thanks to the containment

The former swimming champion Laure Manaudou has answered the questions of Yahoo!. The opportunity to discover if his swimming career is behind her, this mom of two children, did not give up to the sports activities. Especially, the containment has allowed him to discover new things to do.

Like all the French, Laure Manaudou is confined since march 17, with his companion Jeremiah’s Brother and his two children. To pass the time, the couple is a little more active on social networks than usual. On the 24th of march last, the lovers have attempted to imitate the worn in Dirty Dancing. Result : a dismal failure, which caused a lot of laughter to viewers. Since then, Laure Manaudou also takes care of his two children, Lou and Manon. This latest, the result of a relationship between the swimmer and Frederick Bouquet celebrated its ten years during the confinement. A difficult period, but in which Laure Manaudou sees some advantages, as she explains to Yahoo!.

The hands-on activities to the schedule

For the series AtHome, the former swimming champion has answered questions from the media on Instagram. Asked about what she had learned through the containment, Laure Manaudou has found something to quote. “I learned how to make pom poms with my daughter and do a lot of manual activities”, says the wife of the former FrĂ©rot Delavega. Laure Manaudou is also other benefits to this confinement, as she explains to Yahoo !. Has the question “which is not so bad,” in this period, the former swimmer, says her daughter no longer has lice, because she is no longer going to school.” In the meantime a return to normal life, Laure Manaudou explains, finally, spend a lot of time to do sports, between races, to walk in his garden and jumping rope. “I am guilty if I don’t make it for 24 hours”, she says. It is not all like that, but it commands respect.

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đź—Ł “I learned how to make pom poms with my daughter !” It is going well your containment, @lauremanaudouoff ? #StayAtHome #RestezĂ lamaison #Together #TousUnis #Containment

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