Laurent Bignolas detestable within Télématin ? A columnist iconic fact revelations

Since he is the head of Télématin, Laurent Bignolas been the subject of many criticisms. Some accuse him of wanting to push to end its columnists. Yet, all do not seem to share this opinion.

Laurent Bignolas



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Since the departure of William Leymergie, the more nothing is the same in Télématin. After having ruled on the issue for 32 years, the facilitator has left a great void in the hearts of his people. To such A point that several of them have decided to leave the ship. But others have been pushed towards the exit… as Is the case with Henry-Jean Servat, Jean-Philippe Viaud or Isabelle Chaleçon, several columnists have denounced their conditions of work. According to them, the hierarchy would have an incentive to leave shots of bullying on their work and renegotiations of their salaries with CDI at a discount. Enough to create a poisonous climate within the show cult of France 2. Not to mention that many of the stakeholders of the show have a grudge against Laurent Bignolas, the new leader of the band, who would try to push them to the end. “With, for example, about Laurent Bignolas at the end of a chronic off-air : ‘there, strongly it smells !‘ “testified a columnist with the Parisian.

Laurent Bignolas always present the next season

But if Laurent Bignolas is greatly criticized by viewers and colleagues, it can also count on some support. After Laura Tenoudji, it is, therefore, to the general surprise, Frédéric Zeitoun, an emblematic figure of the show, took to his defense. Guest in the tv program Good morning weekend on Non-Stop People, he has painted the portrait of a man the opposite of what has been heard in the last few months. “Quite frankly, in his place, he took it rather nicely. I know that everyone does not share this opinion-there, I know that there are colleagues who have preferred to leave. Me, I preferred to stay and so far I do not regret it at all,” was initially said the columnist of 58-year-old, before adding : “I have seen the arrival of a gentleman who was absolutely polite, charming and on a daily basis of a first completely accessible. I know that this is not the opinion of all the chroniclers.”

It must be said that his entry into the band has not been facilitated. In addition to having had to find its marks in a team “welded for 20 years”, Laurent Bignolas has had to evolve with “people who make you the head that you are aiming for, who are trying to hurt you”, as he had revealed on RTL. The public support of one of the pillars of Télématin, so this is not denial !