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Laurent Luyat: Grand Seducer, Tour de France Host Reveals Himself

A Very Discreet Man About His Private Life

For many years, viewers of France Télévisions have become accustomed to finding Laurent Luyat presenting the sporting events that the group’s channels broadcast. Invited to answer questions from Paris Match in 2015, the sports journalist nevertheless allowed himself to some confidences. “I’m not married and I don’t have any children. I’m actually quite free,” he summed up, before continuing: “I have a few relationships with women.” Quite a revelation from the one who confesses to leading “several lives very freely”.

Living in the Same Building as His Best Friend

Born in Grenoble (Isère), Laurent Luyat has been living in Paris for many years and he has the chance to live in the same building as his best friend, who is none other than Cyril Féraud! It was the presenter of the afternoon games on France 3 who made the confession, when he talked about his confinement in 2020: “I was lucky that my best friend, Laurent Luyat, who presents all the sports programmes on France Télévisions, lives in my building.” Quite convenient for the two presenters, who share a very beautiful friendship and have the chance to live in the same building.

Continuing to Delight Viewers with His Relaxed Style

Still presenting the Tour de France this year, Laurent Luyat has already made quite a bit of noise, particularly when his colleagues reminded him of the performances of the French riders. Nevertheless, the journalist continues to delight viewers with his relaxed style and good humour.



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