Laury Thilleman : the anxiety of her husband, Juan Arbelaez, for the future of restaurants

The containment has hurt a lot of workers. Including the caterers. If the measures of distance have been made more flexible with the déconfinement, the latter are always under the obligation to keep their establishments closed. What worries the husband of Laury Thilleman, Juan Arbelaez.

France is currently going through a phase, sadly a history of the History. Only a few weeks after the arrival of the Covid-19, on the territory, practically all of the country has had to be put to the stop with the containment. If certain personalities were able to enjoy this period of social distancing, others are filled with anxiety about the future of their business. Among them, the restorers, who are among the first impacted by the events related to the coronavirus. If the déconfinement began on Monday, may 11, these latter are always under the obligation to keep their premises closed. A real blow to the husband of Laury Thilleman, Juan Arbelaez. The milf is at the head of several gastronomic establishments in the Île-de-France. Interviewed by the magazine Télé-Loisirs, the restaurant owner has expressed its concern on the future of the restoration.

“We’re looking for all options “

This period is not easy for all the restorers, and this is not Juan Arbelaez, who will say the opposite. In fact, the restaurant is very worried for his sector. “The situation is tough, it is a disaster for the economy. (…) We are restorers in addition, I think that we will be the last to be déconfinés because the restaurants are places of life, places of sharing, he said in extolling the merits of the restoration. You aseptises restaurants and you lose the life. If I go to the restaurant, it is to see people, to see people laugh, for a drink too… ” Nevertheless, out of the question for the beloved Laury Thilleman to be defeated. It has therefore adapted its service to the needs of its customers. “We have put in place the supply, the sales to take, part grocery store, and a proposal for a wine merchant, a party catering to businesses “, he added. Nevertheless, the current situation caused him a lot of financial loss, since the cook said he would even “put the hand in the pocket” at the end of the month.