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Lawyer accused prostitution vents anger in response.

Taking Time for Herself and Her Family

Don’t ask her to wear the lawyer’s robe 24/7! Outside of her work, Anne-Claire Moser loves to take time for herself and her family, including her two daughters Romane (10 years old) and Violette (7 and a half years old). Very active on social media, the pretty redhead who is part of the expert team of “It can happen to you” usually posts many photos of her trips to the pool or the beach. And the least we can say is that she has a fabulous body!

Standing Up to Hateful Comments

On May 18th, 2023, she posted a series of photos, the first of which shows her sunbathing while looking mischievously at the camera. While most of her subscribers are overwhelmed by her beauty, one of them did not hesitate to express his discontent in a very crude way…. “M6 doesn’t pay you enough? Are you forced to show yourself like a prostitute on social media to make ends meet?”, he exclaimed vehemently. A cutting and malicious comment that did not inhibit the famous lawyer. Determined not to be insulted by a stranger, Julien Courbet’s associate took her phone to explain her way of thinking and put the points on the i. “Uh… what to say? Don’t worry guy, I make a good living and without wanting to give you a lesson, a girl in a swimsuit is not necessarily a prostitute. Let go of your keyboard and go breathe real life, you’ll see, it’s nice!“, she replied with a pungent repartee. Since this written altercation, the comment has however disappeared. No doubt Anne-Claire Moser has removed it herself in order to not convey more hatred. Moreover, another comment describing her as “rachitic” was also posted by another subscriber. To this one however, the lawyer did not take the time to answer…

Raising Awareness of MED13L Syndrome

To remind, Anne-Claire Moser has been married for more than eleven years. With her husband, whose name is unknown, she had two daughters. Violette, the youngest, is affected by a very rare disease: MED13L syndrome, a genetic condition that manifests itself with many cognitive disorders. The little girl is for example deaf and has great difficulties with language and learning… On her social media account, Anne-Claire Moser regularly communicates on this subject, in order to alert that this syndrome that nobody knows.



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