Leah Francis (More beautiful life) : actress speaks out on the first few months of her life mom

In the columns of the Gala, Leah Francis confided on his first steps as a mom, who may have been a little difficult. But now she has found her balance between her professional life and her family life, which she shares with her beloved Simon and his file Louison.

Leah Francis



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Leah Francis is now a mom filled. The actress Plus belle la vie had stopped filming to announce in September 2019 a very good news : her pregnancy ! It was in December of the same year as the actress has given birth to a baby girl, named Louison, the fruit of her love with her boyfriend, Simon. Two weeks ago, the one who played the character of Barbara in the series broadcast on France 3 has revealed the face of his daughter, on his account Instagram. His fans have been able to discover a small baby, very cute, dressed in pink. Standing up, she is supported by her mom who looks more happy than ever. Proud and fulfilled, Leah Francis is back on his first months as a mother, for the magazine Gala. She confided on her new life, she was able to care full time for her daughter : “I have had the chance to live the first six months of the life of my daughter to his side, without work,” she explains. The actress confessed that the first steps as a mom are sometimes difficult : “At the beginning, it was a tsunami, but I was prepared. With my spouse, we wanted this baby”.

A life shared between her daughter and her work

Now that her baby is a little bigger, she finally decided to take the path of the sets to interpret his role in the series, without neglecting his family life, who lives in Marseille, france, location for the filming of the series More beautiful life. She and her companion share then the moments cuddling with Louison : “I can still enjoy it thoroughly. And the day it is the dad that takes care of that. We will find a balance.” A beautiful way of reconciling family life and professional life.